Find Funding

Locating Funding Opportunities

Locating the right funding opportunity to meet your needs can take a bit of time.  First and foremost – it’s important that you are clear about what you want to do, why you want to do it, and who cares about “it” or its outcomes.  Since proposal development and the review / selection process take time (and more time, the more complex the project), you should embark on your funding search well in advance of when you want to do the project (i.e., when funds are needed).

To ensure that your (future) application is targeted to the right sponsor, reflect on:

  • who might care about your project and its outcomes?
  • how much support ($$) do you need for what purpose (e.g., personnel: students, postdoc’s, technical staff; travel; materials or supplies; equipment, etc.).
  • Is there anything unique about you or your project’s focus (e.g., you are an undergraduate,  junior faculty member, from an underrepresented group, member of an association or society; or the project addresses an important societal need)?

This information can help you focus your time and energy on identifying and pursuing those opportunities most likely to result in an award.

Funding opportunities can be found at publicly available or agency specific resources as well as multiple databases to which Syracuse University subscribes for the University community.   In addition to these resources, don’t forget that Google and similar search engines can be useful tools to find funding opportunities.