NRSA Stipend Level Increases

NIH has announced increased projected stipend levels for postdoctoral trainees and fellows supported by Kirschstein NRSA awards in FY 2017, ensuring that NRSA stipends are above the $47,476 exemption threshold established under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

See NOT-OD-17-003 for details.

NIH Application Guidance Updates

  • Effective for applications due on or after May 25, 2016, FORMS-D application forms must be used.
  • Parent R01, R03 and R21 templates pre-popultated with SU information is available for download on the OSP website.

 NIH Biographical Sketch

  • NIH and AHRQ will require applicants to use the newly published biosketch format for all grant and cooperative agreement applications submitted for due dates on or after May 25, 2016, NOT-OD-16-080.
  • The revised forms and instructions are now available at
  • The following are some of the features of the new format;
    • Extends the page limit for the biosketch from four to five pages.
    • Investigators can outline the central findings of prior work and the influence of those findings on the investigator’s field work.
    • Emphasizes accomplishments, not just a listing of publications.
    • Indicate that a URL for a publication list is optional and, if provided, must be to a government website (.gov) like My Bibliography.
    • Allow publications (peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed) and research products to be cited in both the personal statement and the contributions to science sections
    • State that graphics, figures and tables are not allowed.
    • Remove the requirement that the past 3 years of research support are listed in order of relevance.
    • Option to add other names used to author research products in section A.
    • Research products can include conference proceedings such as meeting abstracts, posters, or other presentations.
    • Interim research products, such as preprints, may be cited as products.
    • The Digital Object Identifier and the Object type (e.g. preprint, protocol) must be identified in the citation. Also list any information about the document version (e.g. most recent date modified), and if relevant, the date the product was cited. Example: Bar DZ, Atkatsh K, Tavarez U, Erdos MR, Gruenbaum Y, Collins FS. Biotinylation by antibody recognition- A novel method for proximity labeling. BioRxiv 069187 [Preprint]. August 11, 2016 [cited 2017 Jan 12]. Available from:

NIH Implementation of Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC)

Policy for Institutional Oversight of Life Sciences Dual Use Research of Concern (the Policy) issued on September 24, 2014, NOT-OD-15-017.

  • Applies to all New and Renewal awards issued on applications submitted on or after January 25, 2015, and to all non-competing continuation awards issued on or after January 25, 2015.
  • Institutions have one year (until September 24, 2015) to establish the necessary infrastructure to come into full compliance with the Policy.