Technical Closeout

Final Technical Report

Most awards require submission of a final report of work accomplished during the period of performance. Such reports range from a brief summary and list of publications to a complete, exhaustive compilation of the project and its results.

The PI is responsible for the submission of all technical reports required under the terms of an award, as well as other agreed upon deliverables such as graphs or software. The PI should clearly mark and identify “as confidential or proprietary” any information in a report or any deliverable submitted to a sponsor that should be treated as confidential or proprietary.

The OSP does not require a copy of the final technical report but does require a copy of the transmittal letter or dated face page of the report to document its submission.

Failure on the part of the Principal Investigator to deliver any required technical reports or deliverables to the sponsor in a timely matter may affect the collection of funds for the project and future funding from that sponsor to the University.

Final Report of Patent and Inventions

Most sponsors require reports about patents and inventions made during the conduct of a sponsored project.

If a patentable idea, invention or discovery is made as a result of a sponsored project, the disclosure of such must be made through The Office of Technology Transfer within a specified time or the University may lose its rights to the invention. The PI should contact Tech Transfer as soon as it is practical to discuss the disclosure, to avoid premature public disclosure, and if appropriate, to start the patent process.

If no patentable idea, invention or discovery is made as a result of a sponsored project, a Final Invention Report to the sponsor is still required, indicating as such (i.e. a ‘negative invention report’). OSP will consult the PI at project closeout, and if there are no inventions to disclose, OSP will file the Final Invention Report with the sponsor.