OSP Service Guidelines

The internal due dates presented below allow OSP research administrators and PIs to work together to address any corrections or omissions that are identified during OSP’s review for compliance with University and sponsor policies and solicitation instructions.

The table below indicates when the complete application is to be provided to OSP to meet a sponsor’s deadline. Note: When a sponsor’s deadline is after 5:00 p.m., the University deadline for submission will be 5:00 p.m. EST to align with University business hours.

Adherence to the internal deadlines listed below helps avoid:

  • An application being returned without review, and
  • Revisions after submission by the PI and OSP.
Days before submission date: What to provide to OSP:
2-4 weeks before, or as soon as decision is made to apply
  •  The solicitation URL or other available instructions;
  •  The application deadline (in event there is more than one); and
  •  The project team’s composition – PIs and other key personnel
    • Include non-SU collaborators and their OSP points of contact
7 business days before Budget Materials including:

5 business days before Materials from collaborators

  • Individuals/teams who will be supported by subawards
  • Individuals who will be supported by consultant agreements
  • Contractors/Vendors from which large purchases will be made
3 business days before The final, complete application
By submission date Fully signed Internal Routing and Review Form; copies okay to facilitate signatures

  • All senior personnel
  • Their chairs or supervisors
  • All deans, as applicable


In all circumstances, compliance with the OSP Service Guidelines provides the best possible outcome for submitting proposals that are both complete and compliant with sponsoring agency guidelines and University Policy.

For proposal submissions that do not comply with the OSP Service Guidelines above, OSP reserves the right to submit the proposal with minimal review.  Minimal review may include evaluating the proposal for obvious formatting and budget errors, and other items as time permits, as OSP will not knowingly submit inaccurate or false information.

In addition, OSP reserves the right to withdraw an application or attempt to submit a correction if during the post submission review, it is determined that the application was non-compliant, incomplete or otherwise inconsistent with University or sponsor policies.