Subaward Closeout

A subaward is closed out when its period of performance comes to an end, regardless of whether Syracuse University’s research project is ending or continuing. When feasible, it is advisable for a subaward period of performance to be slightly shorter than SU’s, to allow sufficient time for collection and review of the subcontractor’s final report, verification of subcontractor data, and incorporation of the subcontractor’s research results into Syracuse University’s final technical report to the sponsor.

Final Subaward Technical Reports – If required in the subaward agreement, the PI is responsible for obtaining a final technical report from their subcontractors and retaining a copy in their project file.

Final Subaward Invoice – In order for Syracuse University to comply with its financial report requirements, subcontractors are required to submit a final invoice, clearly marked FINAL, to SU by the due date indicated in the subaward agreement.

Other Subaward Closeout Documents – Once the subcontractor has submitted their final invoice, OSP will send the PI a copy of the Subaward Closeout Form for completion. Once the Subaward Closeout Form is complete, all remaining funds obligated to the subrecipient will be de-obligated.