Record Retention

Records related to sponsored projects are retained in accordance with sponsor requirements. Most records produced under Federal, State or other granting agencies have specific retention period expressed in the contract. Those grant requirements must be adhered to even if they are longer than the normal University retention period.

Record Retention dates shall be set in accordance with requirements set forth by sponsors in the applicable award notices/agreements. In the event the notice of award/agreement does not contain specific guidance on record retention requirements, Part 200—Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards Section 200.333 will be followed. This section states that “all records pertinent to an award shall be retained for a period of three (3) years from the date of submission of the final expenditure report”. Close-out does not cancel obligations beyond the project period, such as records retention or property accountability.

Closeout Procedure:

  • As a sponsored project is nearing the end date, a series of reminders are distributed to the PI/Department Administrator
    • Reminders are sent 6-7 weeks before the final report is due informing project staff that a final progress report is coming due.
    • Reminders are also sent to inform project staff that the project is coming to an end, asking if it is to be extended or closed.
    • Finally, reminders are sent immediately following the project end, stating that the project is over and no further spending of funds is allowed.
  • Once the end date has passed and the PI/Department Administrator has confirmed that the work is complete, all required technical and financial reports must be finalized.
  • OSP confirms that all technical reporting requirements are met and that all associated subawards are closed.
  • OSP will inform OSA that the project has been “Programmatically Closed” and that financial closeout can begin.
  • Once Financial Closeout is complete, OSA will set the retention date in accordance with the award documents and formally close the award.
  • OSA will notify OSP, the PI and departmental budget manager that they are required to retain records through the identified retention date. They are also asked to destroy all administrative and financial documents on or shortly after retention date.