PI Eligibility

The principal investigator (PI), (also called project director (PD) by some sponsors) is responsible for the intellectual leadership of a project. The University delegates to the contact PI/PD overall responsibility for directing an awarded project, for overseeing its financial management, as well as for complying with all sponsor terms and conditions of the award and with all relevant University policies.

To ensure project quality and to protect the University’s reputation, academic, research or professor-of-practice faculty or faculty at the assistant, associate, or full professor level are given authority to direct research and scholarly activities as the PI/PD or co-PI on a sponsored program. Administrative staff at the director or higher level may also serve as a PI/PD or co-PI.

Individuals in other titles or who are not full time salaried academics are ineligible to serve as PI/PD or co-PI/PD unless a waiver of this policy is obtained from the Vice President for Research.

Individuals who consistently fail to demonstrate adequate management of sponsored projects, including compliance with application and award negotiation procedures, may be subject to University sanctions by the Vice President for Research including loss of privileges to apply for external support.