Award Obligations

Regardless of the funding mechanism, award acceptance for sponsored programs obligates the University to abide by numerous requirements as a condition of award and continued support.  In addition to providing progress and financial reports on a defined schedule to the sponsor, among the common award conditions the University agrees to follow when applications or proposals are submitted include:

  • compliance with sponsor’s cost policies or cost accounting standards;
  • protection of human or animal research subjects;
  • disclosure and management of individual or institutional conflicts of interest; and
  • compliance with laws, statues or regulations pertaining to civil liberties, lobbying, intellectual property, export controls, anti-terrorism, and recipient eligibility.

Compliance with these and other requirements is a University-wide endeavor and involves the cooperation and assistance of numerous offices including:  Research Integrity and Protections, Technology Transfer and Industrial Development, Sponsored Accounting, Purchasing, Disbursements, Human Resources, Payroll, Environmental Health and Safety, Risk Management, and International Student Services. Departmental administration and faculty members also play key roles in facilitating our responsible stewardship of awards.