Salary Increases

Annual escalation of salaries and wages.

If expenditures will occur in another fiscal year, the year one salary costs may be escalated by 3% per year for each out year.  Annual escalation of salaries and wages at rates greater than 3% requires OSP approval.

Salaries presented in budgets are based on best available information at the time the application is submitted.  At the time of award, salaries/wages and fringe benefits are again reviewed and information updated, if appropriate. Actual salaries in place at the time the expense is incurred are charged to the sponsor. Compensation is determined by the chair or supervisor in accordance with SU policies.  Under no circumstances may an awarded budget be used to determine appropriate compensation for an employee.

OSP will confirm the accuracy of salaries presented in application budgets, and correct errors or salaries which cannot be adequately justified based on available information.

Although the University fiscal year starts on July 1 and ends on June 30, OSP budgets salaries based on the fiscal year when an award is expected to start; salaries are escalated with each budget year without consideration of the fiscal year.