Compliance Review

OSP is responsible for ensuring that all compliance requirements, e.g., IRR form, human or animal subjects’ approvals, financial conflict of interest, intellectual property agreement, environmental health and safety etc, have been satisfactorily addressed prior to forwarding materials to Sponsored Accounting for chart-string creation.

The PI/PD is responsible for ensuring that all Syracuse University personnel who will be supported by the project have completed the Intellectual Property Agreement for faculty or staff or students who did not sign the IRR form, and that all project “Investigators” defined as the PI, project director or any other person at the institution who is responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of a research project, have completed the appropriate disclosure of significant financial interest via MySlice.

Human and Animal Subjects’ Protections

When a proposal to be awarded includes human or animal research subjects, OSP asks the Office of Research Integrity and Protections (ORIP) to conduct a comparison of the to-be awarded proposal with the approved IRB or IACUC protocol.  The work plan in the to-be awarded proposal must be the same as the approved IRB or IACUC protocol. ORIP will notify the PI of any modifications needed to the protocol to assure that the to-be awarded work is congruent with reviewed and approved protocol.

Projects involving human or animal subjects’ research may not proceed (i.e. chartstring will be restricted or withheld) without appropriate approvals in place.

Environmental Health and Safety

While all submitted applications whose project impacts environmental health and personal wellbeing were preliminarily reviewed by the Environmental Health Office (EHO), a more in-depth review is conducted for proposals to be awarded.

Projects that may impact environmental health and safety as indicated by disclosures on the Internal Routing and Review form, or subsequent OSP review will have their chart string restricted or withheld until appropriate approvals are confirmed to be in place by EHO.

Export Controls

OSP, in collaboration with the PI, will determine if any documentation or licenses may be required for research subject to export controls. Ordinarily basic research is exempt from certain export controls regulations. However, international travel noted on the IRR triggers additional reviews.