Equipment requested on a grant must be essential for the successful performance of the proposed project. All costs associated with making the item functional (e.g. costs of installation, renovation, shipping, etc.) should also to be included in the item’s cost.

To justify the proposed cost, OSP recommends obtaining three quotes for the item(s) to be purchased. Many federal sponsors require that these quotes be included in the application’s appendix or supplemental documents section.

Equipment requests are noted on the Internal Routing and Review of Sponsored Programs form on Item #4e.  The specific need for the equipment should be well justified in the budget narrative and impact on the project if not approved described. If comparable equipment is available at the University or local area, the budget narrative (or proposal, if appropriate) should also convey why existing facilities or resources are inadequate or unavailable for project objectives.

NOTE:  Computers ordinarily do not meet the cost threshold for equipment and, when for general use, are not allowable on federal awards.