Internal Routing and Review

The Sponsored Programs OSP Internal Routing and Review Form form documents that key personnel responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of a particular sponsored project agree to the following:

  • the statements in the application are true, accurate and complete (excluding hypotheses and scientific opinion);
  • the application does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others; and
  • the PI and the project team members (Co-PIs, Co-Investigators and other named Senior or Key Personnel) have certified their compliance with all applicable federal, university and sponsor policies.

The IRR form also documents the department(s) and school/college(s) support the activity and that all individuals committing resources in support of the project have authorized those commitments.  This form also documents certifications required by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation prior to application submission. Instructions for completing the IRR form are available via a link within the form.

The Internal Routing and Review (IRR) form is due on or before the application’s deadline. The IRR should be signed by the Principal Investigator/Project Director, all personnel identified as “key” in the proposal, and these individuals’ chairs, deans, center/institute directors. In some circumstances, specific units may require additional authorizations.  Please contact your dean’s office for additional information.

Unless otherwise allowed by the department or unit, original signatures are required on the IRR form.  OSP will also accept electronic transmission of the IRR from an individual’s SU email account.  Each individual should affirm the accuracy of information provided, currency of annual disclosure of financial interests and acknowledge and attest to statements included in IRR. Please contact OSP for more information.