Extra Service or Overload Compensation

Requesting Payment from a Sponsored Program (Fund 13)

The extra service/overload (ES/OL) Request for Additional Pay (RAP) workflow includes OSP approval for activities paid by a fund 13 (sponsored) or fund 11 + project tail (sponsored cost share). OSP review and approval precedes Office of Sponsored Accounting’s review and approval.

Extra Service/Overload account code: 549979

What documentation does OSP require for ES/OL RAP workflow approval?

The following documentation in OSP’s records will support OSP RAP approval:


1.  Proposal contents

a)   The proposal budget includes use of FICA only fringe rate; and

b)   the individual(s) is(are) named; and

c)    the activity is disclosed as ES/OL (work over and above institutional responsibilities) in the budget justification or proposal narrative .

2.  Approval by employee’s Chair / Supervisor on Internal Routing & Review Form

a)    ES/ OL is indicated on Internal Routing and Review form (IRR) (#4 f) and the chair or supervisor of the individual identified in the proposal as performing ES/OL has signed the IRR.


b)    When older versions of the IRR were used, which do not include ES/OL disclosure and approval, the Chair/supervisor notifies OSP via email of his/her approval prior to the work being performed.


In the event ES or OL was not anticipated in the budget submitted or ES/OL was indicated, but the individual(s) was (were) “To Be Named”, OSP requires the approval of the faculty or staff member’s chair or supervisor to ensure that the activity is in fact ES or OL. OSP’s review also confirms that the compensation amount is reasonable for the work to be performed.

We strongly recommend that the PI in collaboration with the faculty/staff member document their mutual understanding of the activity, dates of service, and amount of compensation prior to the work being performed. This documentation ought to be approved in advance of performing the work by the chair/supervisor and dean, when required by the unit. See, for example, the MOU for ES/OL, which some units have used with considerable success.

The PI (or budget manager if so delegated) completes the MOU for ES/OL activities and emails the completed form to the OSP Research Administrator for review before an individual engages in extra service or overload activities.

The MOU should be signed by the PI, the individual to perform ES or OL and that individual’s chair or supervisor to approve the activity as ES or OL prior to the work occurring.

OSP’s actions:

Depending on facts and circumstances applicable to the request, OSP may:

  • Approve outright;
  • Disapprove because extra service is not allowable (i.e., PI’s, co-PIs or key personnel may not receive ES on an award for which they serve in these roles); or
  • Obtain prior approval from the sponsor (mandatory for faculty on all federal awards).

OSP will notify the department and OSA of its and sponsor’s determination, as applicable.