Waivers to PI Eligibility Policy

Other members of the University community may be granted permission to serve as a PI/PD or co-PI/PD if requested by their department or unit and authorized by the Vice President for Research. Such approval is granted on a project-by-project basis.

Procedure to obtain exception to PI eligibility policy

Any individual seeking an exception to the University’s PI eligibility policy should:

  1. Complete and sign the Request to Waive PI Eligibility Form.
  2. Have the form signed by:
  • The individual’s department chair or supervisor
  • The dean of the school or college or unit head for non-academic units.

After obtaining the dean’s or unit head’s approval, the request should be forwarded to the Director of Office of Sponsored Programs for processing and consideration by the Vice President for Research.

Applications for research awards or traineeships for graduate students or postdoctoral associates

Proposals submitted on behalf of students or postdoctoral fellows are to have a faculty member named as PI of record on the Internal Routing and Review of Sponsored Programs form. Even though a sponsor may name the graduate student or postdoctoral fellow as PI, the University designates the faculty member as the individual responsible for ensuring that the project is conducted in accordance with the sponsor’s requirements and University policies and practices, including submission of any required progress reports and responsible financial management.