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 Syracuse University Annual Financial Reports
DHHS Rate Agreement with FY 24 Fringe Benefits Rates March  14, 2023

F&A Rates – Percent of Modified Total Direct Costs[1]

Research, on-campus FY 24 – 49.0%
FY 25 – 49.5%
Beyond:  49.5% until renegotiated
Training/Instruction, on-campus 34.0%
Other Sponsored Activities, on-campus 35.0%
Off-campus Research, Training, or Other Sponsored Activities 26.0%
Off-campus definitions When more than 50% of a project is performed off-campus, as indicated by the majority of the SU expenditures and the majority of time being spent off-campus each budget year.In such cases the off-campus rate will apply to the entire project as grants or contracts may not be subject to more than one F&A cost rate.ORWhen all activities are performed in facilities not owned by SU and to which rent is directly charged to the project.

  • Use of the off-campus rate must be approved by OSP.

Fringe Benefit Rates (FY 24 – July 1, 2023 – June 30,  2024)

Pct Salary or Wage
     Academic and calendar year FY 24 – 31.4%
  • For faculty with AY appointments & regular full time (FT) & part time (PT) calendar year employees
     Summer FY 24 – 16.7%
  • For AY faculty and other AY FT/PT regular employees
     Adjunct faculty FY 24 – 16.7%
     Temporary, Overtime, Extra Service or Overload (FICA only) FY 24 – 8.1%
     Graduate Assistants (all federal, corporate, state) FY 24 – 12.0%
     Graduate Assistants (non-profit sponsors) FY 24 – 55.0%
  • Deviations require OSP approval
  • Higher fringe not allowable if sponsor disallows tuition

Graduate Assistant Remitted Tuition

/ Credit Hr
     23 – 24 AY $1,872
Funds for tuition for graduate assistants on sponsored activities are provided by the deans of schools and colleges and are linked to institutional F&A recovery.  Consequently, in all cases, funds available for tuition contribution are limited.Students engaged as graduate assistants in sponsored activities that recover the full, federally approved F&A rate for the program type may be eligible for institutional contribution of tuition expenses if approved by the college or school dean.  Your unit may provide an amount ordinarily not to exceed that charged to the sponsor (1-to-1).  The sponsored award and the unit’s tuition account will be used equally to draw down the credit used.Any unused tuition credit hours per academic year cannot be carried forward to the following academic year.  It is a “use it or lose it” tuition cost sharing commitment.Students engaged as fellows will have any tuition costs not covered by the sponsored award provided by their home unit.

Animal  Fees – FY24

per diem
Guinea Pig $0.89/cage/day
Mouse $0.68/cage/day
Rabbit $1.39/cage/day
Rat $0.54/cage/day
Toad/Frog $1.10/Day/Enclosure


IRS mileage reimbursement rate for University business (effective January 1, 2024) $0.67/mile

 [1]  MTDC – Modified total direct costs equal the total direct costs less equipment costs (unit cost of more than $5,000 and a useful life of more than 1 year), tuition remission, facilities rental, scholarships and fellowships, and subcontract costs exceeding $25,000.

Most Commonly Requested Identifiers

Unique Entity ID (UEI) C4BXLBC11LC6
DUNS Identification No. 00-225-7350
Employer Identification No. (or Tax ID) 15-053-2081
NYS Charities Registration Exempt (g)


Human Subjects
OHRP Federalwide Assurance FWA00007077
    Expiration Date February 7, 2025
IRB Identification No. IRB00000069
    Expiration date January 18, 2026
Vertebrate Animals
Animal Welfare Assurance Number D16-00405
AAALAC (Association for Accreditation and Assessment for Laboratory Animal Care, Int’l) unit number 000701
AAALAC Effective Date July 8, 2005
Animal USDA Registration 21-R-0128
Misconduct in Science PHS report date March 8, 2017

Other Federal Identifiers

CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity) Code 03587
SAM Registration formerly CCR (Central Contractor Registration) Expiration March 18, 2025
Contract Establishment Code No. 00-326-745H
DOE Basic Agreement No. EW-78-A-02-4847-S
FICE (Federal Interagency Committee on Education) CODE 002882
NSF Institutional Identification No. 002882-9000
PHS Account No. 738880
PHS/NIH Code for Institute 20
PHS/NIH Code for Identification Other
NIH Entity Identification Number 1150532081A1
NIH Institutional Profile File (IPF for NIH  eRA) 1520301
NAICS (No American Industry Classification System) Code 611310
SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) Code 8200
New York State
Congressional District 22
NYS Senatorial District 48
NYS Assembly District 129


Authorizing Institutional Officials

Legal name and Address for award notification For contracts and agreements under $500,000 For proposal submission, contract negotiation, administration and award notification: University Business Office Official(Address to mail checks):
Syracuse University Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)
211 Lyman Hall
Syracuse, NY 13244-1270
Phone:  (315) 443-2807
Fax:  (315) 443-2094
Stuart Taub, Director OSP
211 Lyman Hall
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY 13244-1270
Amy Deppa
Amy Graves
Caroline McMullin
Ross Gullo
Jennifer Ho-Manion
211 Lyman Hall
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY 13244-1270
Office of Sponsored Accounting211 Lyman Hall
Syracuse, NY 13244-5300
Phone:  (315) 443-9501
Fax:  (315) 443-2094