Reporting Requirements

Reporting Obligations

When submitting applications and accepting awards, Syracuse University agrees to adhere to a sponsor’s reporting requirements.  Principal Investigators/Project Directors (PIs/PDs) agree to fulfill these reporting requirements and other sponsor conditions when they sign the Internal Routing and Review form.  PIs/PDs and their departmental support personnel are informed of an award’s report deadlines in the Project Brief.

Scientific Progress or Programmatic Reports (Technical Reports)

To insure that Syracuse University fulfills its reporting obligations on sponsored awards, OSP sends notices to the PI/PD and department contact prior to a report’s deadline. PIs are asked to copy OSP ( on reports transmitted or notify OSP of submission of electronic reports. In the event reports are not submitted in a timely manner, OSP uses an escalating notification process, initially copying the department chair, and finally the dean and the Vice President for Research.

These efforts are intended to:

  • Assist those responsible for Technical Reporting in managing their award obligations,
  • Minimize the risk of non-payment by sponsors or denial of new awards for lack of compliance with reporting requirements,
  • Ensure that Syracuse University remains in “good standing” with their sponsors, and
  • Assist OSP in maintaining an accurate database of all award activities.

NOTE: Reports requiring the signature of an authorized official, signing officer, institutional official or similarly named person should be signed by appropriate representatives of OSP.

Financial Reports

Information pertaining to financial aspects of an award are ordinarily provided by the Office of Sponsored Accounting. When appropriate, OSP and OSA will coordinate their efforts to ensure timely submission of reports.

Other reports

OSP also facilitates the submission of other sponsor-required reports in collaboration with other University offices.  These include:

  • Invention reports – with the Office of Technology Transfer
  • Property/equipment reports – with General Accounting
  • MBE/WBE – Minority business enterprises  / women’s business enterprises – with Purchasing and Disbursements Offices