After an award’s chart string has been created by the Office of Sponsored Accounting, OSP will email award materials to the principal investigator (PI)/project director (PD) and the PI/PD’s budget manager. In most cases, OSP and OSA will ask to meet with the PI and his/her departmental support personnel to review award materials, which ordinarily include at a minimum:

  • Project Brief –an overview of key elements of your award. It includes the chart string, the amount of funds available to expend during the current budget period, and deadlines for progress, financial or other required reporting obligations.
  • Summary of Sponsor’s Regulations specific to the award’s terms and conditions.
    • The summary is provided as a ‘ready reference’ for important elements of the award’s terms and conditions.  However, the PI is responsible for being familiar with the entire award document.
  • The notice of grant award or the fully executed agreement
  • The sponsor’s awarded budget and budget justification
  • The OSP file copy budget, which presents key personnel and effort committed to the award as well as funds allocated to major budget categories used by our primary federal sponsors.

What the PI/PD Should Do with Award Materials