Forward Funding

Forward funding facilitates the start up of a sponsored project and eliminates the need for cost transfers at a later date. For continuing year budget segments, forward funding helps ensure (i) the timely management of payroll or other billings, (ii) the efficient management of departmental resources when preparing the next fiscal year’s budget, and (iii) the less frequent use of salary holding accounts for sponsored activities. The proper use of approved forward funding chartstrings is essential to the achievement of effort reporting compliance.

How to request forward funding.

  • Have the form signed by the PI, department/program and unit leadership.
  • Submit to OSP for review and processing.
    • Requests greater than $99,999 also require the concurrence of the Vice President for Research and written approvals of the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and the Vice Chancellor and Provost.

When are forward funding requests approved?

OSP reviews requests to ensure that the benefits to the University and sponsor exceed the financial and administrative risks to the University. Forward funding chartstrings ordinarily will be created when:

  • all regulatory requirements have been fulfilled, e.g., submission of fully signed Internal Routing and Review form; disclosure of financial interests for all key personnel; human or animal subjects approvals and congruence, as applicable; and environmental protections and personnel safety requirements;
  • the likelihood of award is very high; and
  • allowable startup or continuation costs need to be incurred to facilitate the efficient conduct or administration of the project.

In the event the anticipated award is not received or costs incurred are subsequently determined to be unallowable by the sponsor or University, forward funded costs will be transferred to the departmental or unit chartstring provided at the time of request.

When will forward funding chartstrings not be established?

Ordinarily OSP will not approve forward funding requests for awards or PIs/key personnel with outstanding/unresolved compliance requirements or for contracts that:

  • have uncertain start dates; or
  • become effective following execution by both parties.

OSP may also be unable to establish forward funding for federal contracts subject to e-Verify regulations. Contact OSP to explore if forward funding can be used in such instances.

Can forward funding chart strings be used for all project costs?

No. Forward funding may not be used for subaward expenditures on which Syracuse University is prime or higher tier entity unless explicitly authorized in writing by the Vice President for Research prior to expenditures being incurred.