Initial Considerations

Have you included the necessary University Administrative Offices?


Do you know what your Sponsor is looking for?

  • Have the correct forms been identified?
  • Are the proper institutional identification numbers, applicant name, and address being used?
  • Are you aware of formatting requirements imposed by the sponsor such as page limits and font size mandates?
  • Does the proposal include attachments such as biographical sketches, current and pending reports and certifications and assurances to be completed by OSP, etc.?
  • Are sponsor expectations clearly defined to determine if you are applying for a gift vs. grant visual?


Are you collaborating with others?

  • Are the collaborators internal to SU or external (third party) entities?
  • Will the thrid party engagement be in the form of a subrecipient or as a contractor?
  • Is the role of each collaborator clearly established to avoid misunderstanding and potential disputes?
  • Will a third party be contributing cost share?


Space, Funding and Risk Considerations

  • Have requirements for space or specialized facilities (e.g., secure facilities) been discussed with the Department Chair, Dean or Director?
  • Other than for cost sharing, have requirements for commitment of institutional funds been brought to the attention of the Department Chair, Dean or Director ?
  • Have proper precautions been identified to mitigate actual risks or potential risks of the proposed project?


Budget Considerations

  • Will required costs normally recovered through the F&A rate, such as office supplies, postage, and telephone costs be explicitly budgeted and justified in the proposal budget?
  • Will overload or extra service compensation (excess compensation to be paid during the faculty member’s on-duty period) for consultation across departmental lines, in addition to faculty member’s normal workload be included?
  • Does the budget conform to any limitations imposed by the sponsor (e.g., salary caps, prohibitions on the purchase of equipment, F&A limits, etc.)?
  • Are the proper fringe and F&A rates being used?
  • Is cost sharing required?
  • Refer to the Budget Development section for assistance.