Working with Industry

Principal Investigators may engage corporations to explore sponsored research activities through a variety of points of contact, such as their own personal contacts or through the Office of Corporate Relations, the Office of Technology Transfer, or the CASE Center.

Regardless of the office facilitating the relationship, proposals should be reviewed and approved by OSP prior to submission to the corporate sponsor.  The Sponsored Programs Internal Routing and Review form, signed by all key personnel and their respective chairs and/or deans, is also required prior to submission.

Budgets and Statements of Work for Industry Proposals

Corporate sponsors occasionally request that indirect costs be reduced or waived.  Such requests ordinarily should not be granted because the full costs of research would then not be recovered. In addition, reducing or waiving indirect costs creates a situation of ‘inconsistency’ where the federal government is paying more in indirect costs than corporate sponsors.

Statements of work for corporate-sponsored research agreements ordinarily should be limited to no more than ten pages and include the elements presented in the Statement of Work form. Office of Sponsored Programs will work with PIs to ensure that all applicable information required to track private use activities for the University’s annual report to the IRS is included in the statement or work or other documentation.

In the event that a statement of work is shared informally between the PI and the potential corporate sponsor, it should only be done so if there is a valid non-disclosure agreement in place, and should contain the disclaimer below.

Disclaimer:  This statement of work is for informational purposes only. The statement of work and associated price estimate do not represent a binding offer on the part of Syracuse University and remain subject to the review and approval of individuals authorized to bind Syracuse University.  In the event the parties agree to pursue a sponsored research agreement, the statement of work and associated price or cost must be authorized by University officials.