Collaborating with Others

Planning, monitoring and completing work with third party (external) collaborators begins at the proposal development stage and ends when the assigned work is complete.  Below you will find guidance on what is required at each stage of your sponsored award.

Identify the type of Collaborator you will engage:

  • At the Proposal Development stage, identify third party collaborators and define their expected contributions to the project and their funding requirements.
    • Subrecipient or Contractor/Consultant Identify the type of collaboration;
    • Follow proposal guidance related to requirements for external collaborators; i.e. letters of intent, Statement of Work, Budget and budget narrative, rate agreements, key personnel CV…
  • Working with a Subrecipient
    • Subaward Management – Manage external collaborators
    • Subaward Closeout – Once the work of the subrecipient is complete and the final invoice has been paid,  the closeout process will begin.

Working with a Contractor/Consultant

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