Forms, Checklists & Templates

Agreement Templates
Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA)
Consulting Agreement – Business
Corporate Sponsored Research Agreement (CSRA)
Corporate Sponsored Research Agreement (CSRA)—IP Lite Version
Services Agreement
SU Testing Agreement
Award Management
Award Management Aid for PIs and Support Staff
Forward Funding Request Form
Federal Prior Approval Matrix
Fly America Act Exception Form
PI Transfer Guidance and Form
Budget Development
Campus R&R Budget Template (FY18)
Fringe Benefit Agreement FY17
Fringe Benefit Agreement FY18
Non SU Personnel Worksheet
Financial Conflict of Interest
FCOI – Management Plan
FCOI – Mitigation Report
FCOI – Paper Disclosure Form
FCOI – PHS Report
FCOI – Public Disclosure
FCOI – Public Disclosure Request
FCOI – Retrospective Review Report
Intellectual Property Agreements
Intellectual Property Agreement – Faculty/Staff
Intellectual Property Agreement – Nonfacuty
Internal Routing and Review Form (IRR)
IRR – Instructions
IRR – Internal Routing Review Form – PDF
IRR – Internal Routing Review Form – Word
NIH – R01 Parent Forms-D Application (use for proposals through May 7, 2019)
NIH – R03 Parent Forms-D Application (use for proposals through May 7, 2019)
NIH – R21 Parent Forms-D Application (use for proposals through May 7, 2019)
NSF – Biographical Sketch Template – Jan 2016
NSF – Collaborators and Co-Editors Guidance
NSF – Data Management Template
NSF – Postdoc Mentoring Plan Template
NSF – Proposal Checklist 16.1
NSF – Sample Budget Justification – Jan 2016
Working with External Parties
Request to Issue a Subaward
Request to Modify an Existing Subaward
Subrecipient Commitment Form
Subrecipient Contact Sheet
Export Controls
TMP Export Control Form
Proposal Development
GRFP 14-590_Summary and Checklist
MOU for Extra Service or Overload
Statement of Work Form
Request to Waive PI Eligibility